Monday, February 13, 2012

Inexpensive Alternative to Fondant [One Fish Two Fish Cake]

I promise that this will be my last birthday post!!  I just have to share this valuable piece of party information!

So, believe it or not, I had a budget for the party and while I was looking for a cake I saw this and fell in love!  Realistically, the cake is too big and probably cost hundreds for dollars so I asked a few bakeries to just do my favorite tier, which is the One Fish Two Fish portion.  I wanted fondant but it is way too expensive... Here is what we ended up with and I love it!!

I got about 8 quotes and to do a cake that would feed about 15 people or less it was going to cost more than a hundred dollars! NO WAY!  This isn't her wedding and the cake only has to sit there for a few hours looking pretty.  Jill's Cake Creations finally gave me a wonderful and inexpensive option.  They told me I could print the image on eatable paper and they could place it around the cake!  It was more than half the cost and I was able to get a bigger cake! 

I am a control freak so I told them I would send them all the designs and images for them to print.  It took me awhile to design that image considering I am only working with paint and have yet to get photo shop.  All of those waves felt like forever to draw!!!  In the end, it was well worth it!  I even got to add my blog name in one of the fish.

And since we had way more than thirty people there, I had to supplement with cupcakes.  I just loved how they looked on the cupcake stand with the adorable little cupcake toppers!!  I got these from Vons for .50 a cupcake and they are delicious!!!  They were a big hit with the kiddos.

If you are interested in this One Fish Two Fish image for your cake, shoot me an email.  Even though I couldn't get the prettier fondant cake I was floored by how awesome this cake came out!  And let me tell you, it was oh so so so yummy!!  They have some of the best butter cream frosting I have ever had!

Thanks Jills Cake Creations for giving me a cheaper alternative to fondant!  You can also find them on facebook.  To top it off, they gave Cindy her smash cake for $5 and look at how beautiful it is!

That poor cake didn't stand a chance to her sweet tooth.

At first she was really hesitant about it but once she got in the groove there was no stopping her!  After getting very messy and massaging her cake a few times she let us know she was done.

So, if you are planning a party and are not looking to spend a fortune on fondant, consider printing an image onto the cake or even cupcakes!   


  1. that is so cool! and I absolutely love the smash cake pictures!! did she have fun?

  2. Can you please send me an email for your One Fish Two Fish design? We are wanting to do this for our son's 1st b-day.


  3. Can you please send me the picture for the One Fish Two Fish design and directions on how I can make this cake.


  4. Cake is so cute! Can u send me an email for your design I want to make it for my granddaughter.

    Thanks, yolanda

  5. I am doing a one fish two fish themed party for my grandson and would REALLY appreciate it if you would share the design you printed on the edible paper...
    Thank you!

  6. Very cute, Can you please send me the design. My grandson; turns 1 soon it would be perfect!

    Thank you

  7. awsome,,,,love it but where can i get edible images???????????

  8. please send me your design! Much appreciated. Thanks for putting in all the work!!

  9. Hello! Love your birthday celebration and the cake! Can you please send me the edible images at Thank you!

  10. Can you send me that image for the cake please? I love it!

  11. can you please send me the template for your cake its beautiful

  12. This is so cute!!!!! I am doing One fish two fish themed birthday party for my 2 year old girl. And So lucky that I found your post! Could you please send me the image for the cake? My email address is Thank you so much!!!!

  13. Hi,
    Can you please send me the template for my son's first birthday that we are having as a Dr Seuss theme for his birthday and I would love this :) Love your blog!

    1. My email is Sorry!

  14. What a great job you did on your little girls party! and the cake turned out awesome! Can you please let me know how to go about getting your one fish two fish transfer? I'm doing a Dr Seuss birthday party for my 1 year old as well. I'm doing the cake myself and I loved your drawing for my first tier. I'm just not that good of an artist. My email address is I would really appreciate the details thank you!

  15. What a great design and idea! would you please send me the template also, grandson's 2nd birthday is One Fish Two Fish theme? Thank you very much! Great blog!
    I am a food blogger also

  16. This is a wonderful option. Beautiful design. Please send the cake design pranaclarity at Thank you in advance.


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