Sunday, June 10, 2012

Spray Painting Wicker Baskets

I confess that I love spray painting things.  I can't help myself.  It's an addiction.  When I was out the other day I saw this watermelon pink spray paint and the first thing that popped in my head was the old wicker basket in Boo Boo's room that holds her diapers.  During nap time, I headed to the garage [since it was raining], sprayed and got this.  Isn't it cute?

My mom bought me this white wicker basket when I first went off to college years and years ago.  It has miraculously survived even after getting candle wax spilled on it. It just looks so grungy and you can still see remnants of the wax on the bottom.  Ick right?  Ii think it looks so much better pink!

So, if you own one of these, don't throw it away!  Just buy a can of spray paint and bring it back to life.  Doesn't it look so cute?  Can you tell I love color?  That table is my first ever spray painting project and as you can see, it didn't go very well.  It use to be black and even with the imperfections I still love it.  

  I got so into the spray painting I even painted her diaper basket that is on our book shelf pink too!  Can't wait start painting my next project! 


  1. okay, so first off, your new design is so cute!!!!!!! and yes, there is something about spray painting stuff that is just addictive. I actually just spray painted a set of tan ikea wicker baskets white to go in the living room.

  2. I love that color. You've inspired me! I have a great wicked basket sitting around just begging to be updated. I redid an Easter basket a couple months ago with spray paint and that turned out really cute.

    ..and I totally have a spray paint addiction.. You should see the can full of empties I have lol.

  3. It's amazing what a can of spray paint can do! :D

  4. Looks fab - I too have been spray painting recently! Saves a lot of money and you have something unique too!

  5. I have that same addiction! And results like your basket are exactly what fuels the addiction -- love that color! Thanks so much for sharing on Busy Monday at A Pinch of Joy. Hope to see you again soon!

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