Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Baby Clothes Quilt Pattern

I have grown to love Cindy's little baby clothes quilt even with all of it's imperfections.  It is so soft and cozy.  We play this game where I wrap her up like a little baby and rock her.  She loves it.   We love it and you can see more pictures of it here.  Even though it is my first quilt and pattern I thought I would share it anyways. 

I didn't do detailed step by step picture instructions because there were many whoopsies in the process.  I gave some basic instructions on how to put the pieces together.  It is very simple.  You can download the PDF version HERE.  I just searched for tutorials on how to baste and bind the quilt.  The tips I would give are to cut your squares and pieces precisely and iron out your seams.  I used a half inch seam allowance because it is easier to iron and use when sewing the onsies.


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