Friday, January 4, 2013

Doughnuts From a Can of Biscuits

Happy Friday everyone!!  Awhile ago my friend Petronie made me these doughnuts and they were so yummy I had to know her secret.  I was shocked when she told me they came from a can of buscuits!  Seriously!  And one little can makes plenty!  My talented friend can make them look like real doughnuts but I am not that good so I stuck to doughnut bites.  They are seriously so easy to make and were the perfect antidote for my doughnut cravings.

For the small ones, you cut the busciut into fourths[halves for the jelly filled]  and roll it into a flat circle.  It will puff up when dropped into the oil.  Heat a pan of oil on medium heat.  I would do a test one before throwing in a whole batch.  The doughnut bite should sink, then come to the surface and slowly start to turn golden.  Flip it and when it is done, place it on a paper towel to drain excess oil.  The process is very fast, only a few minutes.  However, if you drop your doughnut bite in and it turns golden super fast, the dough inside is probably not cooked. 

I rolled these ones in some cinnamon sugar and they tasted so yummy!!!

And like I said, be sure to do a test one to make sure it is cooked inside before doing an entire batch.  

Now, there are these German doughnuts that I am obsessed with.  They are jelly filled and sprinkled with sugar both powder and regular.  When I made these, jelly was on my mind.  I just put regular jelly inside but I think next time I am going to buy the special ones they sell at our German grocery store.  I put it in a squeeze bottle and filled the doughnuts.  Then rolled them in regular sugar and powdered sugar.  Not as good as the ones at the bakery but they are pretty yummy! 

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  1. oh my goodness !!! these are beyond dangerous !! yum thanks for the idea -.-


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